Friday, March 21, 2014

Thing 2...Mobile Device Tips

Who Knew??!!

Every 2 years whether it's needed or not, I treat myself to a new smartphone. This year I upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy III.  The IV was already out, but if they are willing to pay me $100 to purchase a phone; I may just live on the edge.

I watched the posted video on the Galaxy IV assuming that some of the features it talked about may be available on the older model.  If not, I can plan ahead to what my next upgrade will be.  

There is a wonderful free app that you can get from the app store that can locate your phone for you around the house by making it 'scream', can wipe the memory clean if it is lost and if it is lost, before the battery dies, it will send out a beacon of help so you can locate it when you log into the website to look for it.  The App is called LOOKOUT.  Super cool!!